Prism 75′ Tube Tail

$ 49.99

Eye-catching tube tails inflate in flight to add drama to any single or dual-line kite. Swivel clip attaches to virtually any kite so you can clip one or more onto the spine, wingtips, or your flying line. Comes in a handy drawstring pouch for easy storage. Velcro closure at the tip makes it easy to drain sand and air as you put it away.

The 75-footer is the perfect length for all medium to full-sized dual-line kites because it’s long enough to let you draw multiple loops and figures in the sky and helps track the kite’s direction.

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The 75-foot Tube Tail is black/white striped or spectrum with a neon yellow tip for a mesmerizing show in the sky.

Comes in Black & White and Spectrum colour patterns

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