Prism Quantum Stunt Kite

$ 145.00 $ 134.00


7-foot wingspan. Solid pull. Serious fun. The Quantum is the ultimate choice for new pilots, meticulously designed to make learning easy and keep you flying for years. It’’s got a light, tough carbon frame. Crash protection on the spine. Adjustable bridle with radical and forgiving settings. Easy to learn on, hard to outgrow.

The Quantum has a ripstop nylon and Mylar laminate sail, reinforced at all stress points. The frame is pultruded carbon with internal reinforcements and custom engineered fittings. It comes with low-stretch Dyneema flying lines, adjustable flight straps and color-coded attachment clips. All packed up in a zippered sleeve with the instructions printed on the back. It’’s the complete package that’’ll get you hooked on sport kites.




Packaged Weight1.5625 lbs
Packed Size35 x 3 x 3 in
Wing Span84″ (213 cm)
Wind Range3 – 25 mph (5 – 40 kmh)
Frame.098 Pultruded Carbon
SailRipstop Nylon, Mylar Laminate
Flying Lines85′ x 150 lbs Dyneema® (26 m x 68 kg)
ColorsCitrus, Fire, Ice

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