HQ Kites HQ4 FLUXX Trainer Kites

$ 105.00$ 154.95

The HQ Kites HQ4 Fluxx trainer series are a great start for kitesurfing, land kiting or just for regular kite flying fun. These kites are easy handling and have good, balanced flight characteristics. Use the Fluxx to open up the fascinating world of kite surfing and power kiting or just to enjoy a great day of flying a fun foil kite. Kite comes in three different sizes ready-to-fly

Ready to fly and for immediate launch
Stable Flight behavior
Automatic Relaunch
Robust processing
Perfect as preparation for the introduction to power kiting

Sleek HQ4 bag with tag insert
Control Bar
Trainer Kite Guide


Fluxx 1.3 Details

Fluxx 1.8 Details

Fluxx 2.2 Details

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Kite Size

1.3, 1.8, 2.2