Prism Quantum 2.0 Stunt Kite

$ 159.99

The Prism Quantum 2.0 comes ready to fly with included 150# x 85′ Dyneema flying lines.

The legendary Quantum got a new upgrade! The goal was to keep everything pilots love about the Quantum while adding even more flight performance, some details to make it easier to use, and fun new graphics and colours just to freshen things up.

A tweaked wing shape gives it even better tracking and additional stability, making it easier to keep aloft in light winds without pro-level skills.

A subtle change to the bridle geometry and adds a super-quick, one-step bridle adjustment at the center T so it’s a cinch to set your kite for different winds.

The bag has a new design that lets you roll it up and clip to a belt loop while you fly – no more bags blowing down the beach in the wind. An external pouch for your lineset keeps it from getting tangled. In a hurry to get off the beach? A cleverly hidden extension sleeve pops out if you want to store your kite full-length without folding the leading edges.

The Quantum now features removable, colour-coded line attachment clips, so you can just pop off the clips if you prefer to attach lines with an old-school Lark’s head knot.

Ready to replace a well-loved older Quantum? The Quantum 2.0 keeps the same frame geometry, carbon rods and fittings so it’s backward compatible – no new spare parts needed!


The Prism Quantum 2.0 Stunt Kite. One of our best-selling, most versatile stunt kites

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